Eat In Menu


Feast A

£17.00 per person

(Two or more people)


Satay Chicken

Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Barbecued Spare Ribs

Crispy Shredded Seaweed

Toasted Prawns with Sesame Seeds


Shredded Beef in Chilli Wine Sauce

Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style

Sizzling Fillet Steak in Black Bean Sauce

Egg Fried Rice

Feast B

£18.00 per person

(Two or more people)


Aromatic Crispy Duck


---Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce

Chicken in Sea Spicy Sauce

Sizzling King Prawns & Scallops with Spring Onions

Egg Fried Rice


Feast C

£22.00 per person

(Two or more people)


Salt & Chilli King Prawns

Crab Stick Fan

Spare Ribs in Peking Style Sauce

Crispy Shredded Seaweed

Satay Chicken

----Aromatic Crispy Duck


Shredded Chicken in Chilli Wine Sauce

Fillet Steak in Black Pepper Sauce

Sizzling King Prawns in Malaysian Sauce

Egg Fried Rice

Feast D

£16.50 per person

(Two or more people)


Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Crispy Shredded Seaweed

Crispy Won Ton

Smoked 'Vegetarian Chicken'


Diced Vegetables Wrapped in Lettuce


Sweet & Sour 'Vegetarian Pork'

Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce

Fried Broccoli in Garlic Sauce

Boiled Rice

Appetisers 頭盤

特色拼盤 House Mixed Hor D'Oeuve  £15.20

(Satay Chicken, Spring Rolls, Sesame Prawns, Capital Spare Ribs and Crispy Seaweed)


椒鹽 Salt & Chilli

帶子 Scallops  £7.80

大蝦 King Prawns/ Squid £7.60

蟹仔 Soft Shell Crab £6.80

排骨 Spare Ribs £6.20


燻雞絲 Deep Fried Shredded Smoked Chicken £6.20


芝麻蝦 Sesame Prawns on Toast £6.20


乾貝鬆 Crispy Shredded Seaweed £4.60


燒排骨 Barbecued Spare Ribs £6.20

京都排骨 Capital Spare Ribs £6.20


沙嗲 Satay

雞/牛 Chicken/ Beef £6.20

大蝦 Prawns £6.60


白酒青口 Fresh Mussels in White Wine, Chilli & Spring Onion £8.50


煎鍋貼 Grilled Peking Dumplings £6.20

Second Appetisers 二盤

香酥鴨 Aromatic Crispy Duck
(Served with Spring Onions, Cucumbers, Pancakes & Hoy Sin Sauce)

Half         £18.90

Quarter  £12.50


香酥羊 Aromatic Crispy Lamb £12.00

(Served with Spring Onions, Cucumbers, Pancakes or Lettuce & Hoy Sin Sauce)


生菜包 Minced Meat Wrapped in Lettuce £8.00


蒸帶子 Steamed Scallops (4) £9.20

鼓汁/清蒸 (With Black Bean Sauce/ Spring Onions & Soya Sauce)


龍蝦 Baked Lobster (Seasonal Price)

薑葱/鼓汁 (With Back Bean Sauce/ Ginger & Spring Onions)


豉汁青口 Sauteed Mussels in Black Bean Sauce  £8.50


酸辣湯 Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup £4.20


雲吞湯 Won Ton Soup £4.50


蟹粟米湯 Crab Meat Sweet Corn Soup £4.30


雞粟米湯 Chicken Meat Sweet Corn Soup £4.20


蘑菇雞湯 Chicken Mushroom Soup £4.00


雞麵湯  Chicken Noodle Soup £4.00

Poultry Dishes 雞鴨

腰果雞 Chicken with Cashew Nuts £6.80


蠔油雞 Chicken in Oyster Sauce £6.80


鍋雞     Chicken in Garlic Wince Wine £6.80


蘑菇雞 Chicken with Mushrooms £6.80


鼓椒雞 Chicken with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce £6.80


檸汁雞 Chicken in Lemon Sauce £6.80


菠蘿雞 Chicken with Pineapples £6.80


咖喱雞 Chicken Curry £6.80


乾雞絲 Shredded Chicken in Chilli Wine Sauce £6.80


咕嚕雞 Sweet & Sour Chicken £6.80


泰辣雞 Spicy Chicken with Mint £6.80


魚香雞 Sea Spicy Chicken £6.80


四川雞 Chicken in Szechuan Sauce £6.80


醬爆雞 Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce £6.80


菠蘿鴨 Duck with Pineapple £7.20


廣東燒鴨 Cantonese Roasted Duck £7.20


橙汁鴨 Roasted Duck in Orange Sauce £7.20

Meat Dishes 豬牛羊肉

乾牛絲 Shredded Beef in Chilli Wine Sauce £7.50


豉椒牛 Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce £7.20


蠔油牛 Beef in Oyster Sauce £7.20


荷豆炒牛肉 Beef with Green Beans £7.20


蘑蘑菇牛 Beef with Mushrooms£7.20


京汁牛肉 Beef in Spicy Peking Sauce£7.20


泰辣牛肉 Spicy Beef with Mint £7.20


咖喱牛肉 Beef Curry £6.50


咕嚕肉 Sweet & Sour Pork Hong Kong Style £6.80


魚香叉燒 Sea Spicy Roasted Pork £6.80


廣東叉燒 Cantonese Char Siu Pork £ 6.80


蘑菇叉燒 Char Siu Pork with Mushrooms £6.80

Seafood Dishes 海鮮

蒸鱸魚 Steamed Fresh Sea Bass £22.00

鼓汁/薑蔥 (Ginger & Spring Onions/ Black Bean Sauce)


蒸三文魚 Steamed Fresh Salmon £12.50

鼓汁/薑蔥 (Ginger & Spring Onions/ Black Bean Sauce)

薑蔥三鮮 Mixed Seafood with Ginger and Spring Onions £8.20


四川蝦 Szechuan King Prawns £8.20


鍋蝦 King Prawns in Garlic Wine Sauce £8.20


宮保蝦 Kung Po Prawns £8.20


豉椒蝦 King Prawns in Black Bean Sauce £8.20


醬爆蝦 King Prawns in Yellow Bean Sauce £8.20


魚香蝦 Sea Spicy King Prawns £8.20


咕嚕蝦球 Sweet & Sour Prawn Balls £8.20


腰果蝦 King Prawns with Cashew Nuts £8.20


泰辣蝦 Spicy King Prawns with Mint £8.20


咖喱蝦 King Prawns Curry £7.20


豉椒鮮魷 Fried Squid in Black Bean Sauce £8.50

Sizzling Dishes 鐵板

鐵板豉椒三鮮 Sizzling Mixed Seafood in Black Bean Sauce £9.20


鐵板薑蔥三鮮 Sizzling Mixed Seafood with Spring Onions £9.20


鐵板蔥帶子  Sizzling Scallops with Spring Onions £9.20


鐵板豉椒帶子 Sizzling Scallops in Black Bean Sauce £9.20


鐵板蔥大蝦  Sizzling King Prawns with Spring Onion £9.20


鐵板馬拉大蝦 Sizzling King Prawns in Malaysian Sauce £9.20


鐵板豉椒大蝦 Sizzling King Prawns in Black Bean Sauce £9.20


鐵板京汁牛柳 Sizzling Filet Steak in Peking Sauce £9.20


鐵板豉椒牛柳  Sizzling Filet Steak in Black Bean Sauce £9.20


鐵板黑椒牛柳  Sizzling Filet Steak in Black Pepper Sauce £9.20


鐵板蔥雞  Sizzling Chicken with Spring Onions £8.50


鐵板豉椒雞 Sizzling Chicken in Black Bean Sauce £8.50


鐵板馬拉雞 Sizzling Chicken in Malaysian Sauce £8.50


鐵板蔥牛肉 Sizzling Beef with Spring Onions £8.10


鐵板豉椒牛肉 Sizzling Beef in Black Bean Sauce £8.10


鐵板馬拉牛肉 Sizzling Beef in Malaysian Sauce £8.10


鐵板蔥羊肉 Sizzling Lamb with Spring Onions £8.10

Vegetable Dishes  蔬菜

炒雜菜  Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry £5.00


炒芽菜  Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts £4.50


炒蘑菇  Stir-Fried Mushrooms £4.50


炒荷豆  Stir-Fried Mange Toute £4.50


炒竹筍馬蹄  Stir-Fried Water Chestnut and Bamboo Shoots £4.50


蒜炒白菜  Fried Pak Choi with Garlic £5.50

Noodles & Rice 飯麵

招牌炒麵  House Special Chow Mein £7.20


 三鮮炒麵  Mixed Seafood Chow Mein £6.80


大蝦炒麵  King Prawns Chow Mein £6.80


星洲炒米  Singapore Spicy Vermicelli £5.40


牛肉炒麵  Beef Chow Mein £5.40


雞絲炒麵  Chicken Chow Mein £5.40


叉燒炒麵  Char Siu Pork Chow Mein £5.40


芽菜炒麵  Plain Chow Mein with Bean Sprouts £4.50


招牌炒飯  House Special Fried Rice £7.20


大蝦炒飯  King Prawn Fried Rice £5.80


雞絲炒飯  Chicken Fried Rice £4.80


叉燒炒飯  Char Siu Pork Fried Rice £4.80


揚州炒飯  Special Fried Rice £4.80


蛋炒飯  Egg Fried Rice £3.30


白飯  Plain Boiled Rice £2.90


Champagne & Sparkling Wines


1. Prosecco Martinotti N.V. *Bottle £22.00

clean, fresh taste with a touch of lemon and not too dry.


2. Moet Et Chandon N.V. * Bottle £51.00

Rich and lively bubbly, a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir give a mature toasty palate and clean fresh finish.


Rose Wines


3. The Big Top White Zinfandel, California * Bottle £16.00 *Glass £4.00

Medium style with hints of strawberry and melon fruits, a light and great fun Californian blush and a good match to spicy dishes too!


White Wines


4. House White, Cuvee Jean Paul Sec, France *Bottle £15.50 *Glass £3.50

A fresh and dry Vinde Pays Gascogne made from Colombard and Ugni Blanc grapes. Crisp, and refreshing.


5. Pinot Grigio Sanvigilio, Italy *Bottle £16.00

Popular, soft, dry, and elegant wine. Light fruity palate with hints of crunchy apple flavour.


7. Stones Throw Chardonnay, Australia *Bottle £18.00

Exotic fruit flavours on the nose, restrained by a touch of vanilla


8. Pacifico Sur Sauvignon Blanc, Chile *Bottle £18.00 *Half Bottle £9.50

A fuller rounder Sauvignon style, great with seafood.


9. Sugar Loaf Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand *Bottle £20.00

A full-bodied and intensely flavoured New Zealand Sauvignon. Brilliant with lighter meat and seafood dishes.


10. Sancerre Michel Girard, Loire France *Bottle £29.00

Good body with steely acidity and a great deal of green fruit, classic Sauvignon Blanc. This is why shell-fish were invented!


11. Chablis 1er Cru Louis Latour, France *Bottle £34.00

Firm fruits balanced by a fresh minerality that is so wonderfully matched to fish dishes.


Red Wines


12. House Red, Vin De Pays * Bottle £15.50 *Glass £4.00

A medium-bodied Vin de Pays made from Grenache and Shiraz. Round with plenty of soft fruit flavours.


14. False Bay Pinotage, South Africa * Bottle £17.00

Ripe plum and black fruit flavours dominate in this wonderfully concentrated dense and delicious red.


15. One Chain Shiraz/Cabernet, Australia * Bottle £17.00

Aromas of spice and black pepper with indertones of chocolate and cherry characters. Soft and easy-drinking.


16. Pacifico Sur Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile * Bottle £18.00 *Half Bottle £9.50

Rich and fruity cassis packed Cabernet with firm, well integrated tannis - very rewarding!


17. Rioja, Artesa Temparanillo Tinto, Spain * Bottle £18.00

100% Tempranillo, lighter, fruitier and modern Rioja style.


18. Stones Throw Shiraz, Australia * Bottle £18.00

An espresso of a wine! Big nose, powerful black fruits and a long warm finish.


19. Roc De Segur, France * Bottle £20.00

Firm tannis, a rich texture with black fruits and savoury cherry flavours, the ideal compliment to spicy meat dishes.


20. Fleurie, La Madone, France * Bottle £24.00

Wonderfully rounded, versatile and easy drinking Beaujolais Cru.


Apertifs *Per Measure £2.90



Martini Sweet or Dry




Pimms No. 1


Sherries *Per Measure £2.90


Tio Pepe

Harveys Club Amontillado

Harveys Bristol Cream




Port Ruby *£2.90

Vintage Port *£4.70




Martell *£3.70

Remy Martin V.S.O.P. *£3.90

Remy Martin X.O. *£9.50

Hennessey X.O. *£9.50


Liquers *Per Measure £2.90





Cherry Brandy

Creme De Menthe




Tia Maria

Chinese Liquers



Grand Marnier


Spirits *Per Measure £2.90





Dark Rum

Bacardi White Rum


Mix Drinks *£3.90





    Quarter Bottle *£5.70

    Full Bottle   *£19.50




J20 Orange & Passion *£3.20

Coca Cola *£2.30

Lemonade *£2.30

Fruit Juices (Apple/Orange*£2.30

Bitter Lemon *£2.30

Ginger Ale *£2.30

Tonic Water *£2.30

Mineral Water (Still/Sparkling)   Glass *£2.00  Bottle *£4.00                                                              




Stella Artois (Bottle)  *£3.30

Budwiser (Bottle) *£3.30

Tsingtao (Bottle) *£3.30

Shandy (Pint) *£3.80